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Fluoride, Sulphate and Phosphate Removal The high concentration of hydrated lime in Neutralac® SLS45 supplies large amounts of calcium and hydroxide ions to the effluent being treated, and together these act as powerful ion precipitators.
Therefore, two reagents such as CaCl2 and caustic soda can be successfully replaced with one single reagent.
The use of Neutralac® SLS45 precipitates an easily removable calcium Phosphate, Sulphate or Fluoride, giving a stable controllable process and often with improved filter cake properties
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Discover specific uses of SLS45 in Fluoride, Sulphate and Phosphate Removal

Precipitation of aluminum and phosphates
Treatment of metal surfaces - precipitation of aluminum and phosphates - membrane filtration.
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Chrome and phosphate removal
Stainless steel finishing - chromium and phosphate removal from wastewater - reduced costs.
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Optimization of wastewater treatment
Metal surface treatment - precipitation of heavy metals and phosphates - wastewater treatment optimization.
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Heavy metals and fluoride removal from wastewater
Metal plating industry - removal of heavy metals – precipitation of fluorides – acid neutralization – improved pH control
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