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Steel wheel manufacturing: Optimization of wastewater treatment

Customer Application and Activity
Hayes Lemmerz International is a world leader in the production of steel and aluminium wheels for the automotive industry. Its site in Königswinter, Germany, specializes in the manufacture of steel wheels and has a daily discharge of 150m3 of effluents containing zinc, iron and nickel, as well as phosphates.

Problem to be solved
The on-site treatment station was regularly disrupted by an excess of solids in suspension. Moreover, downtime in the plant resulted in unpleasant odours being produced. A solution was sought to:
  • Optimize the elimination of phosphates and heavy metals in the effluents
  • Avoid solids forming in suspension
  • Eliminate odors

Key Achievements
Switching over to Neutralac® SLS45 has led to several benefits for Hayes Lemmerz:
  • Faster removal and superior elimination of zinc, iron and nickel
  • Optimum elimination of the solids held in suspension thanks to better sedimentation after neutralization
  • A lower consumption of flocculants (FeCl3).
  • A filter cake which is more easily detachable from the filter press
  • A major increase in the percentage of dry matter in the sludges
  • Elimination of phosphate build-up through the precipitation of an easily removable calcium phosphate
  • A reduction in the frequency of reagent deliveries and associated transport costs

Since its switch to Neutralac® SLS45 several years ago, Hayes Lemmerz has been treating its effluents successfully. The use of Neutralac® SLS45 has targeted major requirements including:
  • Optimized elimination of phosphates and heavy metals
  • Improved filter cake quality
  • Enhanced effluent treatment at a reduced cost through lower reagent consumption

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