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The purpose of digestion is to reduce the amount of organic matter and the number of disease-causing microorganisms present in the solids.

Anaerobic digestion

Anaerobic digestion is a bacterial process that is carried out in the absence of oxygen. This works by feeding the sludge to an enclosed reaction tank where naturally occurring bacteria degrade the organic material. The end products are biogas and stabilized sludge. The biogas can be converted to both electricity and heat.


- odor control
- reducing the solids content
- reducing the numbers of pathogens
- producing biogas as a by-product

Aerobic digestion

Aerobic digestion is a bacterial process occurring in the presence of oxygen. Under aerobic conditions, bacteria rapidly consume organic matter and convert it into carbon dioxide.

Neutralac® solution

During digestion, the sludge pH value decreases. The following Neutralac® reagents will help to maintain an optimal working pH for micro-organisms.

Quicklime - Neutralac® Q

Hydrated lime - Neutralac® H

Liquid product - Neutralac® SL

Liquid product - Neutralac® SLS45

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