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Why add Neutralac® to sludge treatment?

Main liming sludge performances:

Odor reduction

Lime in sludge treatment allows ionizing sulphur-based volatile compounds. Since only the volatile forms are odorous, liming sludge avoids most of the bad odors.

In general, a liming rate of 30 % CaO is necessary to control bad odors during the storage :

There are numerous interests in liming sludge :

- reducing of the sludge, toward dry matter increase

- stabilization and hygienization of the sludge

- inerting heavy metals present in sludge

- improvement of the sludge characteristics for their disposal or further utilization, such as agriculture recycling, toward: odor reduction, structuring, improvement of their ease of use, and increase of their agronomic value

- improvement of centrates and filtrates quality (N,P)

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