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Treatment of acidic bodies of water

Your Task
Minerals found underground can cause acidic loading in groundwater and surface water that can lead to the reduction of the pH-values in rivers and lakes, as can be currently seen in many post-mining lakes. In addition, acid waters release heavy metals previously bound in the soil that can endanger the quality of both groundwater and drinking water. Another aspect is that rising surface water leads to an acidification of connecting lakes and rivers.
Therefore, in order to save these potentially important bodies of water from ecological harm and turn them into areas suitable for touristic use, they must first be sustainably renaturalised.

Calci-action® from Lhoist offers You the Ideal Solution

It combines
Specialised in Effluent Knowledge and Consulting
- an international network of expert
- a research and a development team dedicated exclusively to water and effluent issues
- validated results that originate from both laboratory and client field tests

Neutralac® Reagents
- have been specially developed for the initial and subsequent treatment of acidic surface waters
- permanently precipitates heavy metals from the body of water
- prevent the future decline of pH values
- can be used for dosing of lake inflows,outflows or directly in lakes

- Analysis, examinations, recommendation of sustainable treatment concepts-including technical implementation, logistics and permanent monitoring
- Options of storage and dosing technology for implementation from the shore, off-shore and from the air
- Customised process development and facility planning

Your Advantages
- Neutralac® reagents and expertise tailored for each individual application
- 20 years of experience in the neutralisation of acidic lakes. Specially developed boats. A mobile concept that requires no additional on-shore construction facilities.
- Recommendation on the dosage, neutralisation potential and a treatment success prognosis. At the same time, the concept allows prediction on the sustainability of the treatment measures to be undertaken.
- Reliable treatment - By balancing the lime-carbon dioxide levels in the body of water, pH values can be reliably regulated. In combination with CO2 as an additional buffering agent, pH-values can be stabilised for very long periods.
A sustainable lake environment with a long-term environmentally conscious integration of CO2.

Case study: Open pit lake in Eastern Germany
Neutralisation of acidic lakes is necessary if AMD and rising ground water levels lead to extremely low pH values of a lake. AMiT (Advanced Mobile inlake Technology) is the cost efficient treatment for such acidified lakes.
- 36 Mm≥ water with a pH ~ 3
- 10 kt limestone powder and 1 kt lime hydrate were introduced evenly with AMiT
- Treatment was successfully finished within 10 weeks
- pH > 7.5 was reached easily


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