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Clarification 1 process

Many plants have a sedimentation stage where the sewage is allowed to pass slowly through large tanks, commonly called "primary clarifiers" or "primary sedimentation tanks". The tanks are large enough that sludge can settle and floating material such as grease and oils can rise to the surface and be skimmed off. The main purpose of the primary clarification stage is to produce both a generally homogeneous liquid capable of being treated biologically and a sludge that can be separately treated or processed. Primary settling tanks are usually equipped with mechanically driven scrapers that continually drive the collected sludge towards a hopper in the base of the tank from where it can be pumped to further sludge treatment stages.

The effluent water is pH adjusted, if needed, to meet city limits and the hydroxide sludge is filter pressed to a cake for recycling.

Neutralac® solution

We treat wastewaters using lime-based reagents which have a strong coagulation power. Amongst these are :

Quicklime - Neutralac® Q

Hydrated lime - Neutralac® H

Liquid product - Neutralac® SL

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