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Why add Neutralac® to wastewater treatement?

Main liming wastewater performances:

Avoid the formation of floating sludge

Since the introduction of nitrogen elimination at the end of the 1990s, problems have increasingly arisen concerning the sedimentation behaviour of sludges in biological wastewater treatment plants. Because of floating solids, effluents are frequently cloudy, making compliance with local water standards more difficult to satisfy. Usually this problem is also accompanied by a floating or bulking sludge formation during the cold seasons and with heavy rains.

Factors that are responsible for these undesirable effects include the enrichment of carbon dioxide in the form of aggressive carbonic acid, and the acidification of the treatment process. As a solution, it has been demonstrated that dosing lime and dolomite-based products, can counteract this acidification. The alignment of the calco-carbonic equillibrium in the wastewater has been found to be an efficient and cost effective remedy to this scenario.

Neutralac® reagents bind surplus carbon dioxide, preventing sludge flotation and bulking effects.

- Acidic wastewater neutralization
- Heavy metals precipitation
- Increasing of the effluent's buffering capacity

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