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The purpose of neutralization is to adjust the pH value to meet the requirements of the different processing units in the wastewater treatment system.

Neutralization may be used in order to treat acid wastewaters containing metals, the method comprising increasing the pH of the acid waste by addition of an alkaline reagent, to form a precipitate and collecting the precipitate. This way the incoming solution is pH adjusted to the optimum range for precipitating metals as hydroxides.

This step is conducted before the main step of wastewater treatment, that is clarification (=decantation), to fulfill the overall wastewater treatment objectives.

Neutralac® solution

We treat wastewater using lime-based reagents that allow raising the pH. These following reagents are the neutralizing materials of choice !

Quicklime - Neutralac® Q

Quicklime - Neutralac® Q SR

Quicklime - Neutralac® Q DB

Hydrated lime - Neutralac® H

Liquid product - Neutralac® SL

Liquid product - Neutralac® SLS45

Half burnt dolomi - Neutralac® CM

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