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Wastewater pre-treatment

Pre-treatment removes the materials that can be easily collected from the raw wastewater and disposed of. The typical materials that are removed during primary treatment include fats, oils, and greases, sand, gravels and rocks, larger settleable solids and floating materials (such as rags, sticks and cans). This step is done entirely with machinery.

The solids are collected in a large vessel and later disposed in a landfill.

Sand, grit, and stones need to be removed early in the process to avoid damage to pumps and other equipment in the remaining treatment stages. Sometimes there is a sand washer (grit classifier) followed by a conveyor that transports the sand to a container for disposal. In many cases, the sand and grit is sent to a landfill.

Neutralac® solution

We provide you with a range of products which roles are to optimize the further settling of the various materials as well as neutralization, and to reduce bad odors.

Quicklime - Neutralac® Q

Hydrated lime - Neutralac® H

Liquid product - Neutralac® SL

Liquid product - Neutralac® SLS45

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