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A few wastewater treatment references:

Add lime in wastewater, in order to protect the environment as well as human health

Municipal wastewater treatment

Issue: Clouding during final clarification, prevention of floating sludge, development of filamentous bacteria
Solution: Neutralac® SLS45

Chemical industry

Issue: Neutralization
Solution: Neutralac® H

Galvanization treatment

Issue: Precipitation of Zn
Solution: Neutralac® SL30

Food processing industry

Issue: Deodorizing, emulsion separation and neutralizing wastewater.
Solution: Neutralac® SL, H, Q, SLS45

Electroplating waste

Issue: Precipitation of heavy metals
Solution: Neutralac® SL, H, Q, SLS45

Industrial wastewater purification

Issue: Precipitation of heavy metalssuch as nickel and zincEmulsion separation and neutralization
Solution: Neutralac® SL, H, Q, CM, SLS45

Wastewater treatment case studies

Calci-actionŽ Case study N°3

Neutralization of wastewater and stabilization of food processing sludge

Calci-actionŽ Case study N°4

Precipitation of heavy metals in a galvanization treatment unit

Calci-actionŽ Case study N°7

Neutralizing industrial effluent

Calci-actionŽ Case study N°8

Controlling noxious odors from settling ponds

Calci-actionŽ Case study N°10

Preventing floating sludge in a municipal sewage plant

Calci-actionŽ Case study N°11

Effluent neutralization / demulsification

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